A Warrior's Prayer

Dedicated to the Memory of SFC. Rick Bennett

United States Army Special Forces - Republic of Vietnam
Born on January 8, 1944 - Entered Valhalla on June 23, 1995
"Always My Brother"

Til we see our Brothers and Sisters in Arms Again...

Let us remember the sacrifices of our fallen brothers and sisters in arms,
gone but still listening.
They answered the call and fought the good fight
with honor and courage, faith and dignity.
We remember the price they paid
and may we always be willing to pay that same price
to defend the way of life they cherished.
They dwell now in the halls of High Valhalla, carried there
on the wings of Valkyries
to celebrate the peace and glory they earned with great valor.

Rather than bow our heads in supplication, let us
lift our eyes and look with pride to the noble legacy they have left us.
Rather than voice regret that they
were not able to celebrate our belated homecoming,
let us rejoice in the knowledge that one day
we will see them in Valhalla.

And rather than lament that we
may no longer speak to them, let us
look forward with confident expectation to the day when
we will hear their voices saying to us:
"Welcome Home!"
For they are our Brothers and Sisters in Arms
and we will be with them again.

George M. Fallon - "Chaplain Gunny"