WW II Veterans Pages and related-materials

UK Veterans Event and WW-II History from the United Kingdom. Provided by Mark Perkins.

The WWII Veterans Website is one of the most comprehensive WWII sites I've seen. Facts, Links, locators and more, carefully arranged in an eye catching layout. Nice Job.

World War II - "54 Years Ago"-An online look at WWII. This site also contains links to approximately 40 other sites.

Purpose of these pages: To bring the history of World War II before the present generation, to honor those who served, to bring together surviving members of the Battalion AND To remember those times, those days, some of the music, some of the laughter and tears. A great site by 242nd Vet, Ed Walsh. Don't miss it.

This page is simply outstanding. And when you're through absorbing Tipi's Dad's memoirs, be sure to visit the rest of her site. Her personal dedication to veterans and especially MIAs is something the rest of you grunts want to be taking home. God Bless you Tipi.

World War II: The World Remembers. Another great page by the students at Patch American High School.

Americal Division World War II Order of Battle-A list of all the units that participated as part of the Americal Division