Marine Corps Related Sites

"USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association" - A fine site dedicated to the Stagecoachs and the drivers, shotguns and crews who carried the grunts into "Indian Country" and who risked all to carry them back out again when the fur was flying. There is a lot here - especially for those of that gallant profession - but more than enough to keep any visitor coming back again and again.

"Al Varelas' Military Control Center" - I'm getting on in years so there really isn't time for me to go into detail about all this former Marine's site contains. No matter your branch or duty, you will find something here to make the visit worth your while. There's history, biography, Vietnam, Civil War, Legion d'Etranger, and the list goes on and on. And he says he's still not finished...

Drew's World of Choppers - Definitely a Marine's site. Forget Hollywood's square-jawed equestrians and their aluminum-alloy steeds, rotored or otherwise. Warfare is about people, and the people here are playing for keeps. Likewise the photographers with no time to compose the perfectly-balanced, delicately-lit, award-winning shot. This is brutal, unstructured, politically incorrect honesty. (Drew's words - not mine. He also claims this is his first attempt at a web site. My last attempt should be so good.)

Doc Tony Hardball says his Navy Corpsman's web site is by and for Navy Corpsmen, Marines, fellow shipmates and generally anyone else that cares to know just what a Corpsman is and what it means to be a Corpsman. However, having been vaccinated, innoculated, stitched up, wrapped up and splinted by the Navy's finest on numerous occasions, I can say without hesitation, that no Marine NEEDS to be informed as to what a Corpsman is and what a Corpsman does...We already know...And we are greatful!

The big guns of Echo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 12th Marines can be heard once again at "Stick's Place", the site of Marine Vet, Steve Stickley. This site is dedicated to those still walking point. All you cannon-cockers will appreciate this fine tribute. Great job Stick!

The Marine Guest Book-A Guest Book for Marines to search for comrades and post their own message. But that's not all...This is possibly the finest USMC site on the none...