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Sites For Individual Units for ALL Wars

There are few organizations which I respect as much as I do the Marine Corps but the United States Army Special Forces was the breeding ground for some of the finest warriors and best friends I've ever had. I'm proud to stand with them in any fight or any barroom in the world. This page by Bob Golden (II Corps MSF 68-69) is outstanding and I encourage everyone to visit. You won't be sorry! And while you're in the TAO, be sure to check out the resource page he has set up at It's a goldmine for the serious researcher.

"USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association" - A fine site dedicated to the Stagecoachs and the drivers, shotguns and crews who carried the grunts into "Indian Country" and who risked all to carry them back out again when the fur was flying. There is a lot here - especially for those of that gallant profession - but more than enough to keep any visitor coming back again and again.

"The Walking Dead" site is inspired by, and dedicated to, the officers and men of the 1st Battalion 9th Marines. No Marine who has served during or since Vietnam needs to be told who the "Walking Dead" are or how they got their name. I heard a story once about a FNG checking in at 1/9 in mid February of 1968. When he was signing for his deuce gear, the supply Sergeant told him: "I'm going on R&R so I won't be here when you get back from your first patrol. I better issue you your Purple Heart now." Then the Supply Officer came by and said: "You'll be gone for a whole week Sarge. Better give him two!"

"Kilo Battery - 4th Battalion 12th Marines" is the work of Jerry Gorman, a true Marine Vet and Web Artist. His graphics are as clean and clear as you'll find and his ribbon graphics are the best I've seen. (Please check with Jerry before you use them) His photos are certain to bring back memories and his sound library is out of this world. I recommend that everyone visit this site often. It is the finest, most visually stimulating collection of military history that I know of. Don't miss it!

Vietnam Veterans of the Second Battalion, First Marines. This is 2/1's first attempt at providing a forum for members and a place of interest to all Marines. They will be building and enhancing this page to provide timely and interesting items of information. Organization President David Doc Johnson: "Our business is merely to reunite friends who have been left to wonder what happened to each other during the past quarter century. If you served with 2/1 in the Republic of Vietnam, we hope you join in our fellowship".

"Psywarrior" - is an excellent site by a retired SF Officer. The theme of the site is one that all vets can relate to. Don't miss the tribute to the late Colonel "Nick" Rowe-USASF, a true American hero who survived 5 years as a POW before escaping from his VC captors. The author was a personal friend of Colonel Rowe and worked with him before he was assassinated while serving on special assignment in the Philippines.

Special Forces Association Chapter XLIV located in Northwest Florida. Members from Florida and Alabama. If you were Special Forces Qualified or supported an SF unit, they'd like to meet you. Their meetings are held once every 3 months, location decided at prior meeting. They offer fellowship and an opportunity to remember the good times in SF. This is a great site by an for a great bunch of guys.

Shotgun Jack's site is dedicated to SGT John M. Jones, Jr., "JJ" to his friends. From the author: "He was the best friend I ever had in the Army. His name appears on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. "THE WALL". Shotgun Jack Carpenter, a US Army Special Forces Veteran, served with A-404 IV Corps Mike Force, 5th Special Forces Group, Republic of South Viet Nam, the Mekong Delta. And don't miss his new site at

The 336th Military Police Battalion (Reserve) Homepage-Todays military policemen and women enjoy the distinction of a truly unique role by having two diverse and challenging missions. This is an excellent place to browse around and get a flavor for what is happening in the Reserves. This site is well done and one the entire Army can be proud of.

The HMM 262/Vietnam Association Website - "Phrog Squadron". The intention of this site is to establish and maintain contact with as many of the "Old Tigers" who were members of HMM262 in Vietnam. Pictures, poetry, stories...You name it - it's here. Good link section. Be advised...this Java enhanced site jumps to a new frame screen which loses navigator buttons and may make you think your browser crashed. Just hang on to the old browser and close this one when you finish your tour.

Home Page of the 69th Armor Association - "a must see"!

Third Battalion Third Marines. Larry Wilson has done a great job for his 3/3 buddies. A must visit for all 3dMARDIV vets.

Third Battalion Fourth Marines. Let's get moving, First and Second Battalion!

The Magnificent Bastards of the Second Battalion, Fourth Marines have arrived on the Web at last with this site by Dennis Thun. It is destined to become a touchstone for members of one of the Corps' proudest units, once home to such Marine legends as SgtMajor BJ Goddard, Major Herman Brooks West, Lt Ross Peterson, 1stSgt Billy Johnson and Gunny Wilhelm Krafcigs as well as a young Corporal now known as Gunny. If you were a 2/4 Bastard, drop in and say Hoorah.

"Echo Company of the Second Battalion, Fourth Marines is proudly represented in this excellent contribution by a proud Marine Family. Mike and Terri Crow have set up this page so Mike can locate some of his old buddies from Echo Co. 2/4. It is the latest web effort of this great team who also host "Vets Helping Vets".

The DUSTOFF Association is an organization for all officers and enlisted Army Medical Department personnel, aviation crewmembers, and others who are, or ever were engaged in or actively supported in any capacity, Army aeromedical evacuation programs in war or peace.

Red River Valley Pilot's Association (RRVA). For you fighter jocks. Also, links and good scoop on several issues of interest to all.

The Home Page of Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines is just getting underway but promises to do the Corps proud.

Vic Vilionis' page is a definite must see. For the full effect, download the Crescendo Plug-In first (above). An excellent combination of music, text and graphics.

India Company, Third Battalion Seventh Marines. Terry Dixon's page is graphics intensive but worth the wait to see his quality photos.

George Sager served with I 3/7 in 68-69 and his photos are sure to bring back memories of the better times in that place. Nice job George. Now, India 3/7 has TWO sites. How bout the rest of you old grunts getting your butts in gear now that I 3/7 has both Point and Tail-end-Charlie. 3/1, 3/3 and 3/4 have flank security so there's plenty of room for anybody who wants Slack on Gunny's Links.

Dedicated to the men and women of the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing, its predecessors and successors, and all those who supported its missions, this site is packed with great stuff. Photos, links, articles...the works. Don't miss it. A great Air Force page!

The First Cavalry Association page is everything one would expect from those who wore the famous black and yellow patch from the western plains to Southeast Asia. A First Rate job by men of the First Team.

National 4th Infantry Division Association page Provided by Joe LaPorte

2/35 Infantry Home Page - Nicely done and certain to interest members of that proud unit.

Americal Division Home Page by Greg and Gary Noller.

"Lorfious Majorus" is a unique site by 10 year USMC Force Recon vet John Lorf. This one is well worth your time so drop in and look around. If any of you Old Corps Leathernecks have any questions about the quality of the post-Vietnam era Marine Corps, this should answer them right quick.

This page is dedicated to Fred Stith's tour with HMM-164 of The First Marine Airwing in Vietnam. (1966-1967) This site has great photos and good background info. Check it all out and drop Fred a line.

"Looking Back" by Gordon Boswell is a well executed page with great photos and outstanding text. Dedicated to the Memory of L/CPL Christopher Six, KIA February 27, 1971, Panel #04W 010 And to the brave officers and men of the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division (Rein), FMF who served with Gordon in Vietnam 1969-71. No question about it...this is a Marine's page!

Official Web Site of the USS NEWPORT NEWS, CA-148, is a very well done, very comprehensive site for those who served on the USS Newport News as well as for all Navy Vets and anyone who just happens to have an appetite for all things NAVY. As far as providing an information base for shipmates goes, this is one of the best Navy sites I've seen. It has it all - chat, sound files, photos, reunion information, buddy locator - a lot of time went into this site. Nothing was left out. Good job.

Americal Division Vietnam Order of Battle-A list of all the units that participated as part of the Americal Division

The Swift Boats Homepage is dedicated to the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard members of Operation Market Time (Task Force 115) which patrolled the coastal waters of South Vietnam from 1965 to 1970. The primary vessels used within 10 miles of the coast were U.S. Navy PCFs or Swift Boats, U.S. Coast Guard Cutters and U.S. Navy Mine Sweepers .

Combined US Military Ranger Association site.

"Harvey's Homepage" By a brother who served with the 75th Airborne Rangers in country 69-70. Harvey is obviously a Ranger through and through as you will see at first click. His site is new as of 4/97 but it is destined to grow at about the same rate as the Ranger Legend. Drop by and listen to the great music among other things...

"Company F-75th (inf) Ranger" This site is a definite must see, especially if you have a good sound card...just sit there and relax while it loads. Don't be surprised if you find yourself looking up...It gave me a chill that would freeze a penguin's butt. Find out for yourself...I'm not saying anymore about it except Outstanding Job!

US Army Ranger Association, Inc.

75th Ranger Regiment Association Home Page

82nd Airborne Division Association-Hampton Roads, VA Chapter If there's anyone who has any doubt about what "Airborne" means, drop by this outstanding site and look around. Links to other Airborne pages and the uninitiated can even learn what "Hooah!" means.

The Soesterberg Wolfhounds Serving the men and women who served at Soesterberg Air Base, The Netherlands. Site includes local area news, photos, mascot, school info, past commanders, security police, links and much more. This is the type of site I really enjoy visiting. The very spirit of the site helps those who never served to understand the special bond veterans have.

Home page of the "Screaming Eagles" of the 101st Airborne.

173d Airborne Home Page is another must see for all - sky soldiers and legs alike.

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