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The Kitchen Table Gang has earned it's place at the top of this page by being the sort of organization that this country needs a lot more of. No begs, No brags... Just a great site by a bunch of guys who remember... and care... Great information for Vets on understanding the rules of dealing with the Veteran's Administration and some great tips and history that all should find interesting. They will even see to it that the tattered old flag you replaced last year meets a proper and dignified ending. Visit this one now and often.

South Whidbey Island Washington VVA Group--provided by Veteran Don Besst

Homepage of the Colorado State Council of The Vietnam Veterans of America has lots of valuable info and links to Colorado VVA Chapters

Vet Organizations and Support Groups-A fairly comprehensive list of Vietnam veterans organizations.

Veterans Voice of Austin Texas - Apparently they still do things big in Texas and this page is no exception. A really great site worth bookmarking for repeated visits.

The National Veteran Organization Information Service is a great site for obtaining information on just about everything a vet would want to know and much more. Bring a notepad and pencil.

Vets Helping Vets - is an outstanding website for anyone having difficulty with the VA. Mike and Terri have really done their homework here. After years of fighting with the VA, they are sharing what they've learned along with excellent advice on how to overcome the obstacles the VA feels obligated to cast before those who've already paid their dues.

Hire Quality-A free employment service for honorably discharged service members.

Wisconsin Dept of Veterans Affairs-If you're a Wisconsin resident, this page has info on benefits and programs for you.

Operation Home Front-A great site for getting in contact with service members deployed around the world.

The National Veterans Legal Services Program is a Non-Profit group that gives advice on Vets legal issues.

Military Order of the Purple Heart. Former Marine Terry Dixon has done a fine job here. Small but powerful. Certain to grow.

American Legion Post 1135. The most military links in one place I've seen. Works best with Netscape type browser.

American Legion 8th District - Department of Georgia. A great site with plenty of valuable features. Plenty of links and American Legion specific information as well as items of general interest.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4273. The Very First VFW Post on the Net. Put together by someone who knew what they were doing.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5638 Home Page. Post 5638 from Stayton, Oregon has done some nice work on this one. Check it out!

Veterans News and Information Service Looking for answers about VA compensation? Benefits? Pension? Need answers to hard to find questions about dependent benefits? Have a question you need answered quickly? VA disability experts are standing by to respond to your immediate needs.

Rodney Henry is a Veteran's Representative in Kansas City in the Great State of Missouri. His page is a must see for everyone. Check out his veteran section and look for his new POW/MIA page to be appearing soon.

Randy Lemmons describes himself as a Disabled Vet - Visit his site, read his words, catch some of his attitude and then decide for yourself whether or not you think Randy is about eight steps ahead of those who believe they have a corner on courage.

"VETS.COM" is a valuable source of important information and assistance for all vets. Check it out and pass it on.

U.S. Army Home Page-They have a listing of nearly 200 other veterans and alumni organizations.

"The New Jersey State Department of Military and Veterans Affairs" site is part of the NJ State Page and lists services available for veterans of the Garden State. There is information on how to obtain services and links to other related sites.

"The New Jersey Veterans Guide" is a handy quick reference for NJ vets. - an important resource for vets and for active duty vets planning to EAS or retire in New Jersey. Information available includes data on employment opportunities.

US Department of Veterans Affairs-Some information on the services provided by the department.

This sight was recommended to me by Mike Gray as a comprehensive consumer guide on housing and mortgages for veterans and active military. According to Mike it covers what VA loans are, its benefits, how to apply for one, special protections against foreclosure, etc. It is not an official VA site but it looks pretty comprehensive.

Red Cross sites all over the world, text of Geneva Conventions, etc. Our mission is to be the most reliable, timely and complete resource on the internet for brain injury and spinal cord injury veterans survivors. These injuries can be devastating, causing physical and emotional distress, as well as loss of wages.

Official homepage of #vietnamvets chat channel on DALnet.
Drop in, download MIRC47 and join in the conversation