Special Tribute Sites

Colonel William "Rich" Higgins USMC - Fifteen years after leaving Vietnam, Colonel William R. (Rich) Higgins, USMC, disappeared on Feb. 17, 1988, while serving as the Chief, Observer Group Lebanon and Senior Military Observer, United States Military Observer Group, United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (Palestine). His captors announced that they would try him as a war criminal for his service in Vietnam. He was eventually murdered by them. This site by his wife, LtCol Robin Higgins USMC - Retired, is a tribute to a respected Marine officer whose fate could easily have befallen any one of us who wore the uniform in SE Asia. It is also a testimony to love, honor and Esprit De Corps. Welcome Home, "My Sister". (Don't forget to check out the site dedicated to the Destroyer USS Higgins - DDG76.)

This page by a young lady who understands exactly what makes Special Forces special, is one of the most touching websites I have visited. Dedicated to her Dad, SSGT Earl Brown - USASF, killed in an ambush at Tra Bong on 29JAN66, it is a beautiful expression of love, loyalty and pride. I expect Earl is extremely proud of his little girl. I think we all can be. Be sure to visit this excellent page by Daddy's Little Girl.

"CPT William Anderson Branch - The Greatest Man I never Knew...My Father" Just when I thought I had reached the point where all emotion had been drained from me, an angel reached out and touched me with this tribute to her Dad. There is something about the relationship between a father and daughter that never changes. It is too deep to fathom, too complicated to understand and too precious to ever let go of. This site is one that every father should show his daughter...and that every daughter should show her own daughters. I know your Dad is proud of you Jen...

Kimmie is one of my favorite people and paying a visit to her site will tell you why. Her Dad, T/Sgt James R Thomas has been listed as Missing in Action since November 1971. A member of a US Air Force Pararescue team, he was on a rescue mission which successfully retrieved 13 soldiers whose helicopter had been shot down. His chopper, a HH-53C (Jolly Green 70), took ground fire during the rescue. The crew stopped at a forward base camp to make sure the chopper was safe to fly. The soldiers got off at that time. During the return flight to their base, the chopper took fire and went down in the Nha Be River. There is ample reason to believe he survived the crash and was taken prisoner, although the Vietnamese have denied any knowledge of his fate. Be sure to visit Kimmie's site and read her Dad's story.

"A Daughter's Story" is the moving contribution of Amy, daughter of LT Michael B. Cooke, 2nd Batallion, 3rd Infantry, 199th Light Infantry Brigade, August 1967 - August 1968. Amy's Dad passed away on October 9, 1996 and her uncle followed him 10 days later, both of Vietnam related causes. Her Dad's brother Robbie, who also served with the 199th was killed in combat in 1969. This young lady lost as much to that war as any who served in Vietnam... even though she was just a year old when hostilities ended. Don't miss this site.

"Where Is He Now?" is one of those very special POW/MIA pages... Special because it is the story of a missing hero told by his own son. Chris Rich was four years old when his father was shot down on May 19, 1967. This page is a tribute to his Dad and a testimony to his own dedication to learning the truth that he and his family have been denied for more than 30 years. Please, Don't miss this one.

When Janet Ray Weininger was six-years-old, she lost her father, Thomas "Pete" Ray. Ray, an American pilot for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), had given his life in an attempt to liberate Cuban during the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion. Her love of her father, patriotism, and deep code of loyalty led her on an eighteen-year search to find him when the United States Government chose to disavow him. In 1979, she was able to recover his remains from a Havana morgue where he had been kept on exhibition. Her search for the truth led the CIA to publicly acknowledge Thomas "Pete" Ray for his "selfless devotion to duty and dedication to the national interests of the United States. he was awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Cross and The Exceptional Service Medallion.

"Chris Noel" - That name is all I should have to mention and most regular visitors to this page will know exactly what I mean and click right on over to Tony Tonogan's tribute to this beautiful and dedicated Vet of the Southeast Asian War Games. She gave all of us hope and helped bring a bit of home to that less than hospitable place where many of us took an extended vacation. Now she could use some help.

There's a school of thought on the Web that says a site which is primarily a collection of links to other sites is not really a site at all. If there was ever an exception to that rule, Kendra's site is it. This beautiful lady's salute to American Veterans has a story behind it. The poem on the opening page will leave you with no doubt as to where her motivation comes from. Her picture alone is worth the visit...but the selection of links is a testament to who and what she is about.

The USS Liberty Home Page honoring those who perished on the USS Liberty.

"Empty Chairs" is a place where vets can go to say farewell to brothers or sisters lost in SEA. There are memorials, testimonials, poems and more... Navy Vet Bob Aldrich has done an outstanding job on this site.

Beau Champion's tribute to the Iowa 47. On April 19, 1989, forty seven Sailors died in a gun turret on the USS Iowa. To this day, the family members of these Sailors live with the anguish over the loss of their loved one. Forty seven Sailors, from all walks of life, live within the hearts of those who loved them most, doing their best to take each day as it comes, remembering the last smile, the last hug, and their last words. This page is dedicated to all those Sailors and their families.

Dale and Mary's Tribute to the American Veteran - This site was created by Former Marine and Vietnam Vet Dale DeBord and his wife Mary as a tribute to veterans of all wars and includes great graphics, moving text and links to the other sites that first inspired Dale and Mary to join the WWW Vet community.

I won't be so presumptious as to try and describe this site, but I will tack on these words from Steve..."I started my page as a promise to my bros in Nam to make them remember....now it seems like I've found an equal cause....and it deserves equal time on my site....thats our pow/mia cause.....America remembers Vietnam...now we need to make them remember us all!!!!"...
Spoken like the true poet that you are, Brother...

Military Tribute Poetry For all Veterans in All Wars From the authors:"Lay down your weapons, your battle is through.....to our soldiers, we dedicate this page to you." We hope each of you will enjoy the poems and memorials dedicated to you on these pages. It is our way of saying "thank you" for keeping us free. - Barbara Milliman and Rita Bryant

The Milam County, Texas "List of Honor" is a project of Major Lynn Shuffield to honor vets from Milam County in the Lone Star State. 2,120 men and women from this county (130 miles NW of Houston) have served from WWI through Vietnam and Lynn is determined that none of them ever be forgotten. Visit this site and read about her POW project. Nice job, Major.