These Sites Are Excellent Resources for Research and Military History Information

The home page of The Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

National Medal of Honor Museum. A well done page created by a talented teen promoting the museum.

A Retrospective of the Fall of the Berlin Wall-A well-done project by students of the Patch American High School in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Center For Military History-This new online resource presents plenty of general info about the Army.

"Al Varelas' Military Control Center" - I'm getting on in years so there really isn't time for me to go into detail about all this former Marine's site contains. No matter your branch or duty, you will find something here to make the visit worth your while. There's history, biography, Vietnam, Civil War, Legion d'Etranger, and the list goes on and on. And he says he's still not finished...

A syndicated columnist, Colonel David "Hack" Hackworth-US Army Retired is well known in the veteran community. He publishes a free weekly news letter Defending America which covers issues and controversies regarding the present day US Military. These pages are designed to introduce you to Colonel Hackworth and keep you up to date with his writings and personal mission to: "ensure that American troops are never put in harms way without the right training, the right equipment, the right leadership, and the right mission."

There are few organizations which I respect as much as I do the Marine Corps but the United States Army Special Forces was the breeding ground for some of the finest warriors and best friends I've ever had. I'm proud to stand with them in any fight or any barroom in the world. This page by Bob Golden (II Corps MSF 68-69) is outstanding and I encourage everyone to visit. You won't be sorry! And while you're in the TAO, be sure to check out the resource page he has set up at It's a goldmine for the serious researcher.

The American War Library is really something to see. You name it and it's in there-photos, links, text and lots of it. Visit early , stay late and you still won't see all of it. Great job "for vets by vets".

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