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Hawk's Page - I am proud to place the page of a true American hero in the number one spot on Gunny's Links. Retired US Air Force fighter jock, Colonel Ted Guy, racked up more than 250 combat missions in Vietnam and Korea before becoming a Prisoner of War in March 1968. Since the little people perceived that he had an attitude problem, he spent 80% of his 5 year stay in solitary. His page and his message are a welcome addition to the Internet Veteran Community. Welcome home Ted. It is an honor to be called your friend.

"North Vietnam PoW Camps"
This outstanding contribution was created by HTML Wizard, Joe Oliver and command was turned over to Colonel Ted Guy on his birthday, April 18, 1997. To obtain a better understanding of just what it was like to be a guest of the NVA, stop by and spend about 4-8 years in this site. Read the stories and look at the pictures and you will realize just who the true heroes of our generation really are...And remember: Many more are still waiting to be brought home to the nation which abandoned them!

"Why Didn't You Get Me Out?" is the question Former POW Frank Anton asked his debriefers when following his release in 1973, they showed him photographs taken of him from a short distance away during his 5+ years as a prisoner of war. Frank spent three years in the moving jungle camps of the south before being marched north along the Ho Chi Minh trail to Hanoi where he spent the remaining two years of his captivity. Frank has a compelling story which he tells in the book "Why Didn't You Get Me Out?" but this site is dedicated to his adopted POW who has yet to return home.

When Janet Ray Weininger was six-years-old, she lost her father, Thomas "Pete" Ray. Ray, an American pilot for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), had given his life in an attempt to liberate Cuba during the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion. Her love of her father, patriotism, and deep code of loyalty led her on an eighteen-year search to find him when the United States Government chose to disavow him. In 1979, she was able to recover his remains from a Havana morgue where he had been kept on exhibition. Her search for the truth led the CIA to publicly acknowledge Thomas "Pete" Ray for his "selfless devotion to duty and dedication to the national interests of the United States. he was awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Cross and The Exceptional Service Medallion.

POW NET - This is the place to go if you are a serious researcher or if you just want to learn more about the POW/MIA Issue. Chuck and Mary Schantag have been in the forefront of this movement since 1989. They have built the most comprehensive database anywhere on POWs/MIAs (It's the one we use for Operation Just Cause) and there is no better friend of the movement to obtain a full accounting. They also carry (at very reasonable cost) a number of databases and awareness items for getting the word out. DON'T MISS THIS ONE!

the "Operation Recovery" site is an excellent page by Sergeant Dan, an active duty US Army Mortuary Specialist charged with the bittersweet task of recovering and identifying remains of MIA service personnel. Dan is dedicated to our achieving that fullest possible accounting which Operation Just Cause has been pressing the "Inside the Beltway" crowd for. It is important in this time of doubt and waning confidence in the system, for us to recognize that the US troops in the field, on the ground in SE Asia and elswhere, are as committed to our cause as we ourselves are. This is an excellent and informative site which demonstrates that there are some people at the heart of the controversy who are on our side.

Ordinarily I keep Operation Just Cause pages listed in a separate link section but this particular site is especially moving as it was created for a father by the son who last saw him when he was six years old, and by the daughter in law he never had the opportunity to meet. Alan and Linda Jackson have created a site of which their Dad, Captain Carl Jackson, USAF, will be justifiably proud. Carl has been MIA since June 27, 1965. He has NOT been forgotten.

Kimmie is one of my favorite people and paying a visit to her site will tell you why. Her Dad, T/Sgt James R Thomas has been listed as Missing in Action since November 1971. A member of a US Air Force Pararescue team, he was on a rescue mission which successfully retrieved 13 soldiers whose helicopter had been shot down. His chopper, a HH-53C (Jolly Green 70), took ground fire during the rescue. The crew stopped at a forward base camp to make sure the chopper was safe to fly. The soldiers got off at that time. During the return flight to their base, the chopper took fire and went down in the Nha Be River. There is ample reason to believe he survived the crash and was taken prisoner, although the Vietnamese have denied any knowledge of his fate. Be sure to visit Kimmie's site and read her Dad's story.

The Advocacy and Intelligence Index for Prisoners of War - Missing in Action

This is perhaps the single most important issue facing Vietnam Vets and for that matter, the entire country today. Check out this site on a regular basis. The last POW returned home during the Carter Administration...The others still wait!

The National Alliance of Families for the Return of America's Missing Servicemen needs no introduction to regular visitors to this site. Visit this page now! Download, copy and distribute their message now! They are still waiting to say "Welcome Home!" and they've been waiting longer than any of us.

The POW/MIA Forum operated by Steve Golding is an outstanding effort on behalf of the POW/MIA issue. Good links, solid message, important documents... It's all in there and you all need to read it. Steve is also webmaster of the National Alliance of Families for the Return of America's Missing Servicemen.

How this slipped by I'll never know but the Northwest Veterans' Newsletter should have been carried in the top 15 of Gunny's Links a long time ago. Roger and Pam Young have been in the vanguard of the POW/MIA movement since long before I figured out how to turn on a PC. Their site is a must read! The quantity and quality of information found there is unequalled. If you want to understand the true meaning of dedication and commitment, get over there right away. No bells or whistles or cutesy gimmicks. Just carefully researched information on issues important to vets. Bookmark and return regularly to stay on top of the things that matter.

The US Veteran Dispatch - The Online version of the paper everyone should be reading. Extensive coverage of POW/MIA issues with stories that the mainstream media can't or won't cover. Do the names Chip Beck, Roger Hall and Al Santoli mean anything to you? If that isn't enough incentive, it's published by Ted Sampley. Go there. Now. Just do it.

POWMIA Freedom Radio hosted by former Marine Darwin Rutz and produced and co-hosted by OJC's own Steve Golding is the Radio Voice of the POWMIA movement in the United States. They can be heard on the air and on the internet with the special "Streamworks" software available free from their home station Web Site. The great thing about Streamworks is that you can run it in the background and continue to surf. Definitely a great place to spend a Sunday evening.

"The Canadian POW-MIA Information Centre" is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sole purpose of informing the general public about the plight of Prisoners Of War and of those men and women listed as Missing In Action. They are an inspiration to Operation Just Cause.

SCOPE SYSTEMS, Worldwide Industrial Electronics Repair and Services maintains a page of special value to Vets. You can enter a month/day and it returns a list of historic events and birthdates. No big deal, but if you scroll down you learn that Scope Systems considers an American Servicemen gone MIA is equally important and lists them according to year missing. Click on the name and you get a printable report of all available information on the disappearance or capture and US Government action since. Prepared by someone who obviously shares our views. Thank you Scope Systems.

Fire Base Freedom - Vietnam Vet and POW/MIA homepage is a relatively new addition with an old and enduring message to those inside the beltway who haven't figured it out yet: POWs/MIAs are still in captivity in Southeast Asia. We know it. Washington knows it. NOW DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

Rolling Thunder®, Inc.'s major function is to publicize the POW-MIA issue. To educate the public of the fact that many American prisoners of war were left behind after all past wars. To help correct the past and to protect the future veterans from being left behind should they become prisoners of war-missing in action. Rolling Thunder is also committed to helping disabled veterans from all wars.

The Reaper's Edge is the work of Cpl Jose Proenza, a Marine with a planet sized heart and dedication for POW/MIA issues. He describes his site as a POW's and MIA's Screamed Echo in Cyberspace. Good Nomenclature! Best described as Intense!

The Last Patrol, a veterans advocacy group that has done marches totaling literally thousands of miles throughout the United States, is planning a 900 mile march along I-95, begining at the Vietnam Vets Reunion on April 20, 1997 and culminating in Washington, D.C. over the Memorial Day weekend in late May.