Just Plain Great Sites By or For Vets

Gecko Country isn't about Geckos. It's about everything - Absolutely everything! Vietnam Vet Chuck Stewart has done a magnificent job here. His Military Page is excellent and extensive but don't just hang out there. See all of Gecko Country-you won't be sorry!

Hank's Florida is one terrific addition to the net. The content in this site is overwhelming and it isn't just for Floridaphiles. Vietnam CH-47 Jock, Hank Korrecta, has brought several topics together and headed them with a banner that says: "God Bless America Again!" and then he tells why. His POW/MIA Page is particularly moving. Don't miss this one!

Joe America's Internet Magazine is a great site with a great idea and a great guy behind it. With all the political bickering, the unresolved POW/MIA issue, crime in the streets, drugs and disease rampant today, this site will remind you there are still more good things about America than there are bad.

"Al Varelas' Military Control Center" - I'm getting on in years so there really isn't time for me to go into detail about all this former Marine's site contains. No matter your branch or duty, you will find something here to make the visit worth your while. There's history, biography, Vietnam, Civil War, Legion d'Etranger, and the list goes on and on. And he says he's still not finished...

A syndicated columnist, Colonel David "Hack" Hackworth-US Army Retired is well known in the veteran community. He publishes a free weekly news letter Defending America which covers issues and controversies regarding the present day US Military. These pages are designed to introduce you to Colonel Hackworth and keep you up to date with his writings and personal mission to: "ensure that American troops are never put in harms way without the right training, the right equipment, the right leadership, and the right mission."

Duke's Military Pages This site is a tribute to all servicemen and women of all branches and of all of the wars we served in to keep our country free. And to those who sacrificed their lives to make America the greatest country in the world. The work of SFC Skip Hahn-USA, Retired. Stop by and sign his guestbook.

The Bobby Ross homepage is the outstanding work of author, singer, radio personality and Vietnam Vet Bobby Ross who served with the 101st Airborne. This site is a great place to just hang out with our own kind. Bobby is a long-time advocate for Vet's interests. I'll look for you there.

Retired Naval Aviator Joe Pierre's page is a work of art by any standard. The collection of essays, humor, politics and cartoons by the irrascible vet/political cartoonist/journalist/author is entertaining, thought provoking and a lot of fun. Great animated graphics and terrific link page.

This site is just plain fun. No matter where you served or when, you'll get a kick out of this excellent collection of cartoons presented by Barry McWilliams.

Links to Commercial Sites of Possible Interest to Vets

(Note: Sites listed here offer products or services which may be of interest to vets or others interested in Military History. Their inclusion here should not be construed as an endorsement by Gunny.)

Sisto Associates - Americans at War Videos - This company offers a collection of documentaries of the US at war from the Revolution through the Gulf War. They have an attractive site with a good selection of interesting links.

Semper Fi Communications Is a company in New York whose main thrust is WEB services and security. They also link to a number of other WEB and Military Services sections.

Bill Moore's Homepage is about his home business which revolves around creating a healthier lifestyle. He offers a variety of natural herbal products for the whole family. Bill is a disabled AF vet so if you are curious about natural health products, check it out..

Archival Research International offers maps, satellite photographs, unit histories and military records research services.