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The Webmaster of this Dutch Marines Homepage is Marine (Ret.) Wim van Wegen '70/'72 . These pages contain a lot of info about the Royal Dutch Marines with LINKS to Dutch Marines Sites like: Marine Snipers - Marine Divers - Mortars - BBE - The Brigade - Dutch Marines Association - Marines Shooting Clubs and pictures from Marines on the Job! Of course we have LINKS to Dutch Army Sites, the USMC - Royal Marine Commandos - French Marines - US Army and Special Forces from All Over The World . Check this one out folks... You'll be suitably impressed.

There is another Marine Corps out there with a history and tradition as proud and colorful as our own and every "Leatherneck" who has ever had the opportunity to serve with them knows that the "Boot Necks" of the Royal Marine Commandos can always be counted on in a jam. I first came across this nicely done site when Sam wrote and asked if he could adopt a Marine POW/MIA. Brothers are Brothers no matter where they live or serve.

"Vietnam Memoirs" from Canadian Vietnam Vet Richard Shand. Excellent work!

SVVA - Aussie Vet Ern Marshall established this site because he felt too few people around the world were aware of Australias participation in the Vietnam War. Don't worry Ern...Your Yank bros know and we won't forget .

Vet Net Australia - is maintained by our Brothers in the Land Down Under and has some interesting reading on how they handled the Agent Orange thing.

RAASC VIETNAM - The Royal Australian Army Service Corps Vietnam page is a new site with beaucoup heart and enthusiasm behind it. Nicely put together with special features like PowWow and CU-SEEME being added regularly. Destined to grow. Drop in and say G'day.

Australian and New Zealand Army Corps - This Page was Compiled by Peggy In New Zealand & Bobby in Australia, under the Auspices of The VIETNAM VETERAN'S FEDERATION & The NEW ZEALAND EX-VIETNAM SERVICE ASSOCIATION INC. Americans who served with these noble comrades will agree that this site is welcome and long overdue.

Horus' website is RNLAF, USAF and Security related and contains information about Soesterberg AFB, 298 squadron and 334 squadron of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF), 32 TFS Wolfhounds of the United States Air Force (USAF), Brinks, the Dutch Central Bank and K-9. And a gallery and some interesting links.

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