These sites are set up to help you find old friends and shipmates.

"The Wolfhound Alumni (Vietnam) is a Web Site which is dedicated to collecting the names of every man who served with the 27th Infantry Regiment (Wolfhounds), of the 25th Infantry Division, USArmy, in Vietnam. Great job by Gary Huber and Coy Adkins. A great resource site.

The Marine Guest Book-A Guest Book for Marines to search for comrades and post their own message.

Official Web Site of the USS NEWPORT NEWS, CA-148, is a very well done, very comprehensive site for those who served on the USS Newport News as well as for all Navy Vets and anyone who just happens to have an appetite for all things NAVY. As far as providing an information base for shipmates goes, this is one of the best Navy sites I've seen. It has it all - chat, sound files, photos, reunion information, buddy locator - a lot of time went into this site. Nothing was left out. Good job.

The 26th Marine Regiment Command Center serves as a "Communication Link" for the thousands of Marine Corps and Navy personnel who served in Vietnam between 1966 to 1970 with the 26th Marine Regiment. This new but excellent site was created and maintained by Loyde P. "Snake" Arender who served as an 0331 with Kilo 3/26 from December 68 through March 70.

For other sources check the individual unit pages of Gunny's Links.