Links for Desert Storm Vets

DESERT STORM MOM'S page is an outstanding site by a lady with as much heart and dedication as I've ever seen. The work that went into this beautiful site is a tribute to vet's moms everywhere. Stop in for a "WELCOME HOME" that could only come from a MOM!

Desert Trucker, Don Lechner has initiated a campaign to promote and finance a memorial for those killed or unaccounted for in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Drop by and give him a hand in getting this effort underway...

"Coz's US Air Force Security Police Homepage" - Desert Storm Vet, Mike Cosman has done a nice job on this site, dedicated to the Men and Women who serve in the United States Air Force Security Police. Security Police pride themselves on being the First in, Last Out in any combat situation. Coz has worked hard to creae an attractive and informative site

Desert Truckers Home Page Finally a site for Gulf War vets that relates inside stories, memories of the fun as well as serious aspects and loads of pictures and comment by Don Lechner, a veteran of the 121st Transportation Company.

Veterans of the Persian Gulf War Homepage by Grant I. Szabo, has information and contact points for Veterans and families interested in knowing more about Gulf War Syndrome and other illnesses reported by DS veterans.

The Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages. An important source of facts and assorted info of importance to Desert Storm Vets and their families.

The Gulf War Resource Center. A highly informative page with information of interest to all Gulf War Vets. Provided by Charles Sheehan-Miles.

The Persian Gulf War Illnesses Home Page is the type resource Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange should have had 25 years ago.

This site is just plain fun. No matter where you served or when, you'll get a kick out of this excellent collection of cartoons presented by Barry McWilliams.