Army Related Sites

SPC James Lehman's page has a lot of up to date information for active duty Army personnel and some great pictures as well as a Vietnam Veteran's Tribute section. There is also a lot of general interest material. Just getting started but certain to grow...

"Psywarrior" - is an excellent site by a retired SF Officer. The theme of the site is one that all vets can relate to. Don't miss the tribute to the late Colonel "Nick" Rowe-USASF, a true American hero who survived 5 years as a POW before escaping from his VC captors. The author was a personal friend of Colonel Rowe and worked with him before he was assassinated while serving on special assignment in the Philippines.

Home Page of the 69th Armor Association - "a must see"!

Combined US Military Ranger Association site.

"Company F-75th (inf) Ranger" This site is a definite must see, especially if you have a good sound card...just sit there and relax while it loads. Don't be surprised if you find yourself looking up...It gave me a chill that would freeze a penguin's butt. Find out for yourself...I'm not saying anymore about it except Outstanding Job!