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Even though 30 million people are affected by PTSD, many do not even realize the harm of post-traumatic stress disorder. However, a complex PTSD diagnosis can help put an end to the psychological and physical harm that occurs with prolonged trauma.

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that may occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Traumatic events can include natural disasters, serious accidents, physical, mental and sexual abuses, war, and combat.2 More than half of adults in the United States have experienced a traumatic event at least once in their lives, and 20% go on to develop PTSD.

PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. This mental health problem affects some people after they have experienced or witnessed a traumatic or life-threatening event. These events might include a natural disaster such as a tornado, or they might include a combat situation, a car accident, or a physical assault. Treatment options are available for people suffering PTSD.

PTSD is difficult to understand and explain, especially for someone who’s experiencing it. That’s why we created this guide, which was medically reviewed by our internal pharmacists for safety and accuracy, to educate people on what post-traumatic stress disorder is, and how it might be affecting our loved ones. Topics covered include: • Symptoms and causes of PTSD • What PTSD feels like • Who is at risk of PTSD • How to treat and overcome PTSD

Alcohol Rehab Help is an informational web guide created for people struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD) and co-occurring mental health disorders. Not only do we offer information on Alcohol Use Disorder, but we also have comprehensive information regarding treatment options.

Rates of substance use disorders (SUD) and alcohol use disorders (AUD) are much higher among military veterans than their civilian counterparts. Many conflict veterans have PTSD, which is also linked to drug and alcohol problems.

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Getting a restful night’s sleep is a challenge for many cancer patients. Pain from the cancer itself, fatigue and discomfort from chemotherapy, and medication side effects are just a few of the things that make sleep elusive for cancer patients. Worse, not getting enough sleep weakens the immune system and can exacerbate symptoms or negative side effects.

Since 2011, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has treated SUD with contingency management (CM), a technique that promotes abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The technique is simple, costs little, and boasts a high success rate. More than 4,000 veterans have participated in a 12-week contingency management program at more than 100 VA medical centers.

Just like it says - Information on Medicare that is of interest to veterans.

Sleep problems are a common issue for people of all ages, but anyone diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder is more likely to experience difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Sleep disturbances and nightmares are common symptoms of PTSD, and these symptoms may even exacerbate other PTSD symptoms and make treatment more difficult. This link submitted by Peyton Johnston. Thanks Peyton... Gunny

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Agent Orange Victims and Families Page. Built and maintained by Joe Oliver, this is another valuable site for those concerned about Agent Orange/Dioxin - another of those gifts that keeps on giving.

Doug Yelmen's page is for Women, Men, and Children who are Survivors of Trauma, and just plain folk too. It is about trauma, and its attending horrors, but also beauty, mystery, love, art, recovery, and fun. Just as the night has its dawn, so the Survivor has their Recovery.

Many returning Veterans suffering from PTSD and other medical conditions, are prescribed prescription medications to help ease not only physical but mental pain. These drugs however are very addicting and are commonly misused. Statistics show veterans who were prone to drug abuse and addiction, were given these drugs and were more likely to suffer from misuse. Other forms of help should have been provided and wasn't and now there are those suffering for it.
My name is Nathan. I am the communications director for letting you know we have compiled one of the most extensive resources on addiction and recovery on the internet.

Dr. Jonathan Shay has posted valuable information in his paper "About Medications for Combat PTSD". Dr. Shay is the author of the highly acclaimed book Achilles in Vietnam.

The Hatfield Group is currently involved in research of the effects of Agent Orange INSIDE OF Vietnam. They have posted an excellent page to keep the information derived in the public eye.

The Association of Birth Defect Children (ABDC) sponsors theNational Birth Defect Registry which is an independent research and birth defect prevention project designed by a board of prominent scientists. The registry can identify potential links between birth defects and exposures to chemicals, medications, radiation, pesticides, dioxin, Agent Orange, exposures during the Gulf War, and other environmental toxins. They provide tremendous assistance to vet's families.

PTSD A Home Page developed by Dr. Dennis Grant and his associates. Also provides access to the PILOTS Database at Dartmouth College which contains extensive information on the world's literature on post-traumatic stress disorder.
Vet Organizations and Support Groups-A fairly comprehensive list of Vietnam veterans organizations.

Veterans Voice of Austin Texas - Apparently they still do things big in Texas and this page is no exception. A really great site worth bookmarking for repeated visits.

Dave Scalise's web page is dedicated to the struggling American veterans that are fighting a difficult battle against a powerful opponent, the Veterans Affairs Department. These links will give you the opportunity to express your views and problems to the government officials and if you desire, to public services. It is Dave's objective to help as many veterans as possible!

The National Veteran Organization Information Service is a great site for obtaining information on just about everything a vet would want to know and much more. Bring a notepad and pencil.

Vets Helping Vets - is an outstanding website for anyone having difficulty with the VA. Mike and Terri have really done their homework here. After years of fighting with the VA, they are sharing what they've learned along with excellent advice on how to overcome the obstacles the VA feels obligated to cast before those who've already paid their dues.