A Retrospective on the 60s and 70s

After 22 years in government service, evenly divided between the United States Marine Corps and Federal Law Enforcement, George M. "Gunny" Fallon returned to the writing career he began in "the Meadow".

"I've learned that while values, attitudes and opinions may change over the years, people tend to remain the same. They age, they may prosper, they develop new friendships and they raise families, but when life gets difficult to cope with, they always find themselves longing for the 'good old days', when everything was simple and usually more fun. For Baby Boomers like myself, those 'good old days' were the 60's and early 70's, or as I like to think of them: 'The Meadow Years'.

"The old adage: 'You can never go back' may be true in most cases, but there is a way to relive The Meadow Years.

"If you miss your bell bottom jeans and your paisley shirts with the hi-roll collars; If you remember folk music, college days, love-ins, VW micro buses painted in floral patterns and Woodstock (the original); If you loved or hated Nixon, Agnew, the Kennedy brothers, Joan Baez, Jane Fonda, Timothy Leary, Joplin, Hendrix, the Beatles or Norman Lear; If you were for or against the ERA, Transcendental Meditation, Civil Disobedience, The Vietnam War or Student Activism; If somewhere among your souvenirs you have a macrame Peace Sign, a POW/MIA Bracelet, a string of Love Beads, a Gum Wrapper Chain or a charred draft card or brassiere; Then you are a child of the era with full citizenship rights in The Meadow.

"Whether you are or not, I invite you to return with me for a few moments and relive those halcyon days of love and war, peace and strife, commitment and contentment."

Now, put on a tie-dyed Tee or a headband and join us!

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