Gunny, I know you already have alot of awards, but because you have helped so many, I felt that I had to Make a special one for you. So on behalf of myself and the US Army Military Police Corps, I would like to present this to you. Thank you for your tireless efforts! Max Hamlin
Andy's Homeport
Golden Anchor Award
for caring about Vets
Gunny, It is with deepest admiration and gratitude that I offer this award. This is my little way of saying Thanks. For all that you have done, and all that you continue to do.....
Cari-LadyLuck's Palace
Plane Crazy's
Award for
Vet Website
Thank you Gunny.
For your Caring,
your hard work,
and for your gentle soul.
We Love You
Bruce and Delma Janes
The U.S. Air Force 12th Tactical Fighter Wing Association is pleased to announce that the Operation "Just Cause" Control Center has been selected for the "Wings Award."
Eric and Dan's
The Patriotism Award
Gunny, I have decided to join the ranks of people showing my appreciation to others by issuing an award. This one is for you! Thank you for all your help, kind words, inspiration, and most of all, THANK YOU FOR NOT FORGETTING! You have rekindled an old flame in the hearts of thousands of Americans! GOD BLESS YOU! Semper Fi!!
Please accept this small token in appreciation for all the help you are giving to ALL VETERANS all over the world. You are a wonderful man and a true hero in my book. ** Semper Fi Mike & Terri Crow VET'S HELPING VET'S
Dear Gunny I have often said that if I am to go to war I want to be surrounded by men of integrity, loyalty, and the meanest SOB's in the valley. You, Sarge, are the man I would choose for my fox hole! My military career started in 1966 and ended in 1984. Obviously the worst years in the history of the US military. Please accept the following citation in gratitude for all the work you are doing for my buddies. I salute you - You may just change my opinion of "jar heads"
Bruce Hart
LTC USA (ret)
Dear Gunny, I am proud to inform you that you are the very first winner of Steve's Award For Heros. This award is given to people whom I consider great American Heros. I do not know you, other than what I've read about you on the computer, but I consider you one of my best friends. I too hope to be a U.S. Marine one day. My name is Steve Hawthorne. Congratulations and thank you for being you.
Friend of the Veteran
Gunny, Please accept my award, attached to this message, for a truly outstanding Vet site. Semper Fi, brother, Bos -- Looking Back - Vietnam 1969-71
This award is for your hard work. But all that you have shown me have gone a long ways in to open my eyes and heart to those that have givrn so much. Thanks Gunny! Larry J. Brugh

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