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Operation Just Cause

My most prized Award.

Rarely have I been so impressend by a webpage such as yours. Surfin the WEB for my favorite pages a came along yours and I realized that there is more than just making a homepage, this is a home and a LZ for a lot of people in the military in the past, now and for the future!
It is a true honor to presend you the 2003 Dutch Marine's "Brothers in Arms" Webaward of wich I will be truly honored if you will considder to accept this as a token of great appreciation on my part.
QPO/Semper Fi - Welcome Home...
Wim van Wegen ~ Dutch Marine (Ret.)
Berkenwoude ~ the Netherlands
Dutch Marine's Pages :
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Semper Fi: Though I never got to utter these words while in a dress uniform, and while I cannot rightly say them to you as your "brother", I will affirm that the words mean more to me than simply their being just a verbal effort to connect with you. My father and mother taught me to live and die by these words. I know without any doubt that of all the things I will never be able to fully share with people like you and Top Kibler, our common devotion to "Semper Fidelis" is the one bond that I can link to. I will live by it for as long as I walk the earth, I have taught my children to march to its cadence, and I hold you in the highest regard for the way you have obviously done the same. In closing, please allow me to present to you "my award." It is the first cyber award I have ever created. You are the very first recipient of it. I hope in some small way it says to you that when they finally blow Taps over you, an old redneck boy, the son of a Marine, somewhere down in Georgia will stand at attention with a tear in his eye and salute. For he does the same even today. Respectfully Yours, David Decker

Gunny, I wanted to write you this letter to tell you how much you mean to every soldier that ever went to war for this country. Thanks to you our Brothers and Sisters that are still over there have a fighting chance of coming home. Your tireless efforts on their behalf, your always being there for anyone with a question or problem, and always ready to carry the fight to the ends of the earth, can never be foregotten. So to you my brother I would like to award you "The Sandmans Special Award" this award cannot be applied for, and is very rarely given out. You are the third this year to receive this award. In a very small way it is my way of saying thank you.

Dear Gunny, It is with great honor that I hereby award you with one of the hardest to receive and one of the highest awards available on the internet. ==========================
The Virtual Medal Of Honor

This Award is for only those of the Highest Caliber of Honor, Integrity, Dignity and Patriotism. Winners of this award are considered to be among the best of the best and nothing less. These individuals have given deeply of themselves, offering their time, their energy and their spirit. They have done much to benefit their brothers and sisters across the planet Earth. To win this award is nothing less than an honor of the highest degree and only a few will make the cut to receive the Virtual Medal Of Honor. Sir, You have not only met, but far exceeded these requirements to win this award. Please accept it with the respect in which it is given. Thank you, sir, for all that you are doing to further the cause of the Veterans of the United States of America. God Bless you, Gunny Mike "Higgy" Higgs VMOH award host/site administrator
This award has a very special meaning for me as it was given by a Royal Marine Commando - an incredibly courageous and noble band of Brothers with whom I once had the honor of serving.
I don't need to go on & on, just to say you are a saint. Life can get so synical and it's thanks to people like you and that young girl linked on your page (Alexandra) that makes you realize there are "A FEW GOOD MEN" out there and you rank at the top take care. Sam - RM
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